Super Dragon Ball Z Cheat Codes

Here are some cheat codes I made for the competitive fighting game Super Dragon Ball Z (超ドラゴンボールZ) also known as Chou Dragon Ball Z.

Super Dragon Ball Z Cheats

Raw cheat codes for Super Dragonball Z (PS2)

Raw cheat codes work only if you play the game with the PCSX2 emulator.
The pnach files which contain them can be found in the description of my Super Dragon Ball Z videos on Youtube (NB: You need to expand the videos descriptions to display them completly) and you can also find them at the bottom of this page.
In addition to the pnach file, the rar archive also contains a custom savegame with 30 special characters cards ready to use.
In theses cards, all the characters available skills have been added (which isn't possible normally), as well as blue and purple skills.
And so characters like Goku or Cell have up to 6-7 special moves in addition to their base moves.

With this cheat code, you can unlock all characters of the PS2 game Super Dragonball Z at once.

Theses cheat codes allow to unlock all the characters, arenas and technics in the game Super Dragon Ball Z.

Longer or infinite transformations

This cheat code for Super Dragonball Z makes the super saiyan transformation lasts longer or indefinitely.

In the game super Dragonball Z, the super saiyan transformations last 10 seconds but with theses cheat codes, you can make the transformation last 20, 30, 40 seconds, 2 minutes or even until the end of the fight.

Longer or infinite action bars

With this cheat code for Super Dragonball Z, it is possible to move and fly indefinitely.

Theses two codes for Super Dragonball Z increase the action bars up to 6 cells or, if you choose so, make the action bar infinite. When it comes to gameplay, it means, the characters can move and fly longer or indefinitely.

Infinite energy bars

Infinite ki cheat code in the game Super Dragon Ball Z (PS2).

This cheat give infinite energy to the characters of Super Dragon Ball Z, which is very useful for testing combos against the IA, especially when it comes to cancel super moves.

Give additional moves to all characters

This code for Super Dragonball Z gives more skills to the characters than they can normally handle.

In Super Dragonball Z, when you customize your character cards, you normally can't unlock all of the characters moves at once.
Theses special codes give 8 additional moves to 30 characters cards.
The video shows what moves were given to the main version of every characters (Most characters also have an optional card with different movesets).
In total, with theses cheats, you can customize up to 30 characters cards (which is the maximum number of characters a normal PS2 savegame can contain).

Give 7 Dragon Balls to the characters cards

Give 7 dragon balls to the characters cards in Super DBZ (PS2).

This cheat code gives the 7 dragon balls to up to 30 characters cards in the game Super Dragon Ball.

There have been an existing code for the game but for a reason, it disabled the dragon finish.
My 7-dragon balls code, however, does NOT disable theses super finish moves.

Player 2 Character Swap (Fight the character you want against the CPU)

This cheat code for Super Dragon Ball replaces the player 2 by a given character, adding duel matches against the CPU.

In the game Super Dragon Ball Z, fighting the character you want is only possible if you play a duel match against another human player.
To fix this, I created this cheat code which replaces the character controlled by the player 2 by the character you want. So, after you have selected the character you want to fight with the code, then whatever game modes you are playing, you will fight him and he will be controlled by the CPU. Even in the duel mode (which also offers the opportunity to select the Arena in which you will have your fight match (and ofc, you can select Kaio's Planet if you want ;)

Arenas swap : Fight in the training Room Arena

A cheat code which replaces all the arenas with the training Room Arena, so you can actually have matches there.

With this code for Super Dragon Ball Z, it is possible to have real matches in the Training Room Arena while usually this map can only be used in the training mode against idle or semi-idle characters who have infinite live.

Customized Z Survivor Mode

Choose what characters you want to fight in the Z Survivor Mode, thanks to this cheat code for Super Dragon Ball Z (PS2).

This cheat code makes it possible to fight the characters you want in the order you want in the Z Survivor mode.
And it is even possible to fight only the red versions of the characters if you wish so.

Customized Original Mode

With this cheat code for the game Super Dragon Ball Z, you can choose which opponents you fight in the Original Mode.

In the Original Mode, each character has 8 lists of opponents possible. This cheat code replaces the opponents in theses lists and also in which arenas the fights take place.

Thing is : Characters like King Piccolo, Majin Buu, Majin Vegeta, Videl and Ultimate Gohan were never fought as opponents in this game mode and no matches took place in the arenas "Kaio's Planet" and the Training Room which in the game is used only in the Training Mode.
This code changes that and also the characters now have matches against the opponents whom they fight in the anime series, thus making the original mode more interesting and unique, depending which character you play with.
Also, amongs the eight opponents lists each character has, one is the Cell Games : So with every character there is a 1/8 chance to participate in the Cell Games (where all the seven the matches take place in the Cell Games Ring and all the opponents are thoses who participated in the Cell Games in the anime series).

Others codes

My pnach files also contain a widescreen fix for Super Dragon Ball Z : With it, when playing the game on large scree the game recovers it entirely and the image isn't stretched.
Also there are codes which give the ultimate scouters to the characters and display the victories ratio while others codes give B.P. and experience points to up to 30 characters cards.

Versions compatibility

Theses cheat codes for Super Dragon Ball Z (PS2) work with the european, japanese and american versions of the game, so you only have to get the pnach file which correspond to your version of the game.

With the transformation times code, the characters can even stay transformed during their victory pose. With the transformation time code, the saiyan characters can even stay transformed for the remaining rounds. The cheat codes also work with the japanese version of the game. Fight the opponents you want in Z Survivor (Super DBZ Cheat code, japanese version).
More skills to the characters (Super DBZ Cheats, Japanese version). With the skills cheats for Super Dragon Ball Z, it is possible to give Goku 8 special moves and 2 purple abilities. With the skills cheats, the characters can have more super moves and abilities than it is normally possible in Super Dragon Ball Z (PS2). This cheat code for Super Dragonball Z changes the list of opponents to fight in the mode Z Survivor.

Pnach file for all the Playstation 2 versions of Super Dragon Ball Z (EU, US, JP).
Last update : April 2023.

NB : Theses codes for Super Dragon Ball Z / Chou Dragon Ball Z can work on the Playstation 2 if you use special PS2 DVDs like Action Replay Max, Codebreaker or Gameshark (but you may have to convert them with Omniconvert first).