Deus Ex Human Revolution (DXHR) Mod

This page is dedicated to a mod I made for the game Deus Ex Human Revolution.

The Mod "Hardcore Revival" for Deus Ex Human Revolution

Like its name indicates, the goal of this mod is to increase the difficulty of the game and also to give more possibilities to the player and to make the gameplay more balanced.
To achieve this, I changed how the items stack and also the place they take in the player's inventory.
But that's not all, the price of the items has also been changed and in addition, the game's merchants now sell new items (including rare ones) and in bigger quantities. Of course, rare items stay are, the mod just gives a chance to the player to get them earlier.
As for Adam Jensen's augmentations, the number of praxis kits required to make them fully functional has been changed and some of the augmentations' duration and energy consumption have been changed as well.
For example, now with the rebreather's augmentation upgraded to the max, the player can sprint 16 seconds instead of ... 7 seconds, the energy doesn't regenerate at base level, the cloaking augmentation has been nerfed as it was way too powerful when it was upgraded to the maximum, ect...
Well, for thoses who would like to have a look, below is the video presentation of the Version 1.0 of the mod "Hardcore Revival"
(NB: To get the mod, expand the description of the video) :

The mod Hardcore Revival (Vgrog) improves the gameplay of Deus Ex Human Revolution (DXHR).

Detailled description of the mod Hardcore Revival

Version : 1.015 (Last).

This version 1.015 fixes some issues which were presents in the Version 1.01, such as the occasional inventory bug (basically, sometimes the player's inventory would be loading forever and not displays its contents.
Also, in case some people would like to play the mod in french language, the game's texts have been modded so now the game's descriptions match the changes I made.
As for the others languages, not speaking them, they haven't been modded but in this version 1.015, the German, Spanish, Italian, Polish and Russian text files have been added to the mod. This ways, people from theses countries who would like to play with the mod while playing in their own language rathen than english can mod the descriptions themselves.

Additionnaly, now the player has less time to wander at the Sarif Industries' Head Quarters before departing for the Sarif Manufacturing Plant, that is if he wants to save Josie Thorpe and the Sarif employees from the Purity First terrorists. And so now the player is pressed by the time in this mission and will have to make choices about what he does : With whom he talks, argue and what areas from the Sarif's HQ he's gonna explore before joining Sarif and Faridah Malik at the HQ's Helibase.

Then, in the next mission at the Sarif Manufacturing Plant, the plant's assembly labs doors code (which is 1337) has been added to a pocket secretary which is found near the entrance of the level. This allows players who would prefer the direct approach to complete the whole level without having to hack any consoles.
Also, in the mission 2, the hacking minigame in the hostage's room is now a little more difficult to beat (Node's rating increased, timer if detected shortened,...) but also a little more rewarding as it now contains a datastore with 100 Xp Points inside.

Functionalities returning from the Version 1.01 of the mod :

- The typhoon augmentation doesn't consumate energy anymore (So it's just like in Deus Ex Mankind Divided).
- Lifting huge objects now doesn't consumate energy anymore (also, same as DXMD).
- The player's energy doesn't recharge automatically at base level, recharges slowly at level 2 et recharges very rapidely at the maximum level 3.
- The cloaking augmentation, which was way too powerful, now costs more energy as to balance the gameplay a little more. (Now, with this augmentation upgraded to the max, being invisible costs 1 energy cell every 4 seconds.
- The Armor augmentation is now a little bit more resistant and the player can take slightly more damage before going down (The mod makes the player far from being advanced but players who use the "direct" approach will see the difference).
- Now, the following augmentations are upgraded by default when Jensen returns as augmented after he got during the game's prologue :
"Punch through walls",
"Grab/throw heavy objects",
"Jump higher" and "Sprint faster".
This way, there is big difference in movements between the fully human Jensen from the prologue and the Augmented Jensen.
- The merchants now sell different items, including rare weapons (but not all merchants sell rare items and not everytime).
- The player can't sell anymore very common items to the merchants and some others items can be sold only a certain amount of times.
- The pistol's power has been reduced and his now less powerful (Originally, fully upgraded, it was more powerful than most weapons, which was unrealistic).
- The silenced sniper rifle can now equip 2 damage upgrades and it can't be equipped with a laser sight anymore (as this weapon mod ruined its precision and made it useless). So now, this weapon, which in the vanially game is quite useless, become more useful and funny to play with.
- As for the revolvers, now only Burke's customized revolver can equip a laser sight (So the normal revolver has the burst round system special upgrade and Burke's custom revolver a laser sight). It makes both Burke's Revolver and the normal revolver unique and complementary.
- In the Hive, when the player has to find where Arie Van Bruggen is, if he spies on Tong Si Hung and watches his meeting with Nahari Khan, the player will now gets nearly as much Xp points as if he had chosen to convince Tong to reveal where Van Bruggen is located (For thoses who prefer the cutscene where Nahari Khan and Tong argue, now there is barely no XP penalty by choosing this way).

Returning from the Version 1.0 :

- Some augmentations now cost more praxis kits and some others augmentations cost less praxis kit in order to balance the gameplay a little more.
- The player can now sprint longer (Up to 15 seconds if the rebreather augmentation is upgraded at maximum level).
- The place taken by the items in the inventory and how much the items stack have been adjusted : This makes the inventory management a little more realistic and also now the player will have to choose more what items he wants to carries as well as how he plays.
- The item's prices have been adjusted so the player doesn't because too rich too rapidely.
- At base level, now the radar displays only the objectives' locations. To display the targets, it needs to be upgraded to the level 2.

Modding tutorials for Deus Ex Human Revolution

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