Deus Ex Human Revolution (DXHR)

Here you will find the mod I made for Deus Ex Human Revolution as well as some videos I made for the game.

The Mod "Hardcore Revived" for Deus Ex Human Revolution

This mod aims at improving the gameplay of Human Revolution. To achieve this, I changed how the items stack as well as the place they take in the player's inventory. But that's not all, the price of the items has always been changed and now the game's merchants sell new items, including rare ones (like the grenade launcher or the plasma rifle) and in bigger quantities. As for Adam Jensen's augmentations, the number of praxis kits required to make them active as been changed and some of the augmentations' duration and energy consumption has been changed as well. For example, now with the rebreather's augmentation upgraded to the max, the player can sprint 25 seconds instead of ... 7 seconds, the single takedowns don't consume energy anymore, ect...
For thoses who want to have a look, watch the video below (Note: To get the mod, expand the description of the video) :

The mod Hardcore Revival (Vgrog) improves the gameplay of Deus Ex Human Revolution (DXHR).

Modding tutorials for Deus Ex Human Revolution

Video tutorials to learn how to mod Deus Ex Human Revolution will be available soon.