Haegemonia: Legion of Irons (Space Opera)

Tips and tricks for Haegemonia: Legion of Iron

After having completed a mission, it is possible to stay in the level longer : For example if you need to resplanish your fleets for the next mission or if you need to research some inventions.

Here is how to do that :

Tips for the Space Opera Haegemonia which allows the player to stay in levels even after he has completed them.

Mods for Haegemonia Legion of Iron

Haegemonia Overhaul

This is a mod for the main campaign of Haegemonia Legion of Iron. It changes many things : Such as Scripts, Space backgrounds, planets' size and textures, add more heroes and more fleets to each factions, make the star system and the planets biggers, ... and fixes some glitches (especially thoses which were happening when the player used to not accomplish the objectives in the "good" order).

Here is the website dedicated to the Haegemonia Overhaul mod :

The official website of the Haegemonia Overhaul MOD.