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Tips and tricks for Far Cry 1

The chair trick in Far Cry

Well, back then I discovered a funny and useful trick in the last level of Far Cry 1 and it involves... a chair :)

With this trick, the player will be able to beat the very last zone of Far Cry 1 way more easily.
Basically, it consists to block the door of the last zone with a chair so it can't close.

The result ?
The player will be able to go back to the armory how many times he wants during the last fight and resplanish his life (thanks to survival kits) and grab some armors as well.

Here is a little video to show how it's done :

Far Cry 1 : The chair trick (to beat the last zone of the game more easily).

Hopefully it can help players who are struggling to overcome enemies in this zone (which is quite tricky part of the game to beat).