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What is Naruto Online

In this review, I explain the characteristics of this browser game, how it is played and what events it contains.

Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura vs a serpent invocated by Orochimaru in the game Naruto Online.

Is Naruto Online a Pay to win game or it is really free ?

Well, it all depends what you want to do. But basically, yes : F2p players can enjoy this game. The only exceptions to this are during a few events where Pay to win players or whales as they are called get a big advantage. More details in the video.

Naruto Online review : Is the game really free ?


A simple but very effective strategy for free players to progress througout the game is to save a lots of coupons and spend them all at once during the events which interest you.
This way, you will be able to get rare characters and bonuses. But you will have to be patient, thought.

Tips and tricks

For the players who wanted to know if they would gain anything for beating the Kakashi clones which are used to test new teams and combos, the answer is in the video.

Test : What happens if you beat the Kakashi clones in Naruto Online ?


This tutorial will help you figure out how to beat the Strong Approaching event where you have to beat several poisonous sound puppets, Shizune, Karin, Jiraya and Hanzo.
This particular event can be tricky because if the poisonous sound puppets, Jiraya and Hanzo are normal characters, Shizune and Karin need to be defeated with combos.
Basically, each hit by the player's team against Shizune and Karin do 1 damage and they have around 20 life points. But, Shizune's life regenerate once per round and Karin's life regenerates twice per round.

Naruto Online : How to beat Strong Approaching (Hanzo version of the event) : Tutorial.

So the general idea is that to beat this even, you need a team with a healer (for the poison), who is able to do enough combos and/or who can interrupt Karin and Shizune when they heal themselves.