Max Payne 1 (Mods, secrets, tips and tricks)

Some mods and tutorials I made for the original version of Max Payne 1 (the version of the game which was published back in the year 2000, not the announced remake).

Max Payne 1 Cheat Codes

Some of theses codes are classic ones like becoming invincible, get all weapons and ammos but there are also some funny codes which allow to go through buildings or replace Max Payne by another character.

How to play with cheat codes in Max Payne 1

On PC, do a right click on MaxPayne.exe and select "Properties".
In the "Target" field, add : -developer -developerkeys after the target.

Then, ingame, use
- F11 (To display the characteristics of the character controlled by the player.
- F12 (To make the list of active codes visible and to display the Command Invit which can be used to enter codes.

How to enable cheats in the game Max Payne 1 on PC.

Max Payne 1 Codes list

The most useful codes for Max Payne 1 are :
- God : Makes the player Invincible.
- Mortal : Disable the Invincibility mode.
- GetAllWeapons : Gives all weapons, ammos and items (like Painkillers) to the player.
- NoClip : Go through walls.
- NoClip_off : Disable the ability to go through walls.

Theses codes must be entered after displaying the command invit with F12

Replace Max Payne with another character

Ton replace Max Payne with any other characters (with the exception of Vinnie Cognity), use the keys "Insert" and/or "Delete" on your keyboard (after having enabled the codes with -developer -developerkeys, of course. Otherwise it won't work).

The video above show how to enable the codes in Max Payne 1 Step by Step.



The Mod Noir York City for Max Payne 1

This mod I made for the game Max Payne 1 improves the game's visuals by replacing the textures used by the skybox, the water and some of the buildings.
Some interiors and a few items also have been retextured and the game displays more decals (ammos cartridges, damages to the wall and grounds, etc...).
Theses videos will show you (some of) the visual changes which the mod includes :

Amongs the visual changes, the levels played in the Bronx area do not use anymore the same skyline but different ones.
And so, the distant buildings seen in the horizon aren't always the same.
Amongs the famous New York buildings added in the horizon, it is now possible to see : Co-Op City, the Bronx' county courthouse or the Tracey Towers.
The distant Midtown Manhattan skyline which was used as a skyline in the Bronx levels is now only visible from the top of the Aesir building and it is a customized, darker, version in higher definition where well known skyscrapers like the MetLife buildings (and others) can be seen.

The initial goals of this mod were to improve how the last level of the game looks (and especially its skybox and the yellow 2D distant buildings) and also to replace the 2D black and white textures used in some buildings in the Bronx streets and from here it evolved into something bigger (because if this could be changed, why not include some changes as whell ?).

The Mod Noir York City also makes the gameplay more realistic : Now the enemies NPCs aren't bullet sponge anymore and their hit points, how fast they react, move and aim,... now depend heavily on their equipment (ex: bullet proof vest or coat ?), their weight, their age or their training (thughs or commandos ?).
The elite characters and the bosses are now very strong in the sense that they react, move and aim very fast and so it is difficulty to aim for them... but they can now be taken down with one shot to the head, just like all the others characters, including Max Payne (who is also not immune anymore when he jumps in slow motion).

And to make the Hard Boiled and Dead On Arrival modes more difficult without making the characters bullet sponges, the ammos recovered by the player are more scarce and also he can take a few less shots to the torso.

See the official page of the Mod Noir York City for Max Payne 1.

Modding Turorials

How to replace the sky textures in Max Payne 1

Skybox textures replacements (Showcase)

In this video, I test different skybox textures and skylines, just to show how it can impact the game's general atmosphere.

Max Payne 1 mod : Replacing the sky textures (Showcase).