Budokai 1 cheat codes

Theses are cheats codes for the Playstation 2 version of the game Dragon Ball Z Budokai 1.
Theses codes won't work with the Gamecube and HD versions of the game.

Raw cheat codes for Budokai 1

Theses raw cheat codes are to be used with the PCSX2 emulator only.
They are included in a pnach file and the codes can be enabled/disabled by removing "//" in front of them.

Download my cheat codes for Budokai 1 (EU, US, JP).

Budokai 1 : Unlock everything Cheat codes

Budokai 1 cheats which unlocks the characters, their skills, the game modes, etc...

Some of the raw cheat codes are I created for Budokai 1 are mainly for convenience as they :
- Unlock all the characters.
- Unlock all the skills (including the breakthrough capsules).
- Make the "Legend of Mister Satan" Mode playable since the start.
- Open all the Tournement's difficulties.
- Give the 7 dragon balls to the player.
- Give 100,000 zenis to the player.

Note: When all the breakthrough capsules are obtained, it isn't possible anymore to summon Shenron (as in Budokai 1, he is used only as a way to obtain theses capsules).
So, if you enable the cheat codes "Unlock all the skills" AND "Give the 7 dragon balls to the player" at the same time, you won't be able to to summon him.
You will still have the 7 dragon balls, thought.

Player 1 and Player 2 codes for Budokai 1

Theses codes give advantages/disadvantages to the Player 1, the Player 2, or both Players at the same time.

Player 1 and Player 2 cheat codes for Dragon Ball Z Budokai 1 (PS2).

Theses cheats for Budokai 1 give :
- Infinite life.
- Infinite ki.
- Reduce stun time (when receiving attacks).

Give more lifebars to the characters of Budokai 1

This cheat code I created for Dragon Ball Z Budokai 1 increases the number of lifebars the characters have in the versus mode and in the tournament mode.
By default, the characters in Budokai 1 all have 3 lifebars, so 3000 health points (as 1 lifebars = 1000 hp).
With the "Silver Lifebars" cheats for Budokai 1, the characters can have up to 10 lifebars or more.

The Silver Lifebars cheat code for the game Dragon Ball Z Budokai 1.

In the Budokai Serie, the possibility to choose how many lifebars the characters have in the Versus mode was integrated only in Budokai 3 and Infinite World. The "Silver Lifebars" cheat code (as I nickname it) adds this functionality to Budokai 1.
And the code also works in the tournaments and in the "Legend of Mister Satan" game mode.

Play with the non-playable characters from Budokai 1

There are several characters in the game Budokai 1 which are encountered or fought only in the story mode and they can't be used in the duel mode or in the tournament mode.
But with characters swap cheat codes, it is possible to make some of theses characters playable.

Play as Saibaiman and as Cell Junior

It is possible to make the player 1 plays as Saibaiman in the game Dragon ball Z Budokai 1.

When theses cheat codes are enabled, you will play either as Saibaiman or as Cell Junior or you can fight theses two characters if you want.
The code either replaces the player 1 or player 2 or the both of them, if you want.

Play as Cellin (Cell Krillin-Absorbed)

Budokai 1 Cheats : Make the Cellin fusion playable.

During Budokai 1's story mode, there is an alternate mission where the player plays as Cellin but this What-if character can't be selected to play a duel match or participate in the Budokai tournament.
I thought he is a funny character to play with, so I created this cheat code so it is possible to play with him or against him in the duel mode and in the tournament mode.

Make the Story Mode Costumes playables in the Duel Mode

This code for Budokai 1 makes the Story mode costumes playable in 1 Vs 1 matches.

In the game, all the characters have only 2 outfits, but in the story mode some of them use additional outfits.
This code allow to play with theses costumes in the duel mode.
Some characters like Goku and Vegeta have up to 6 unique outfits and others have only 2, 3 or 4 ones.
So, for thoses who want to use Goku in his battle damaged outfit or Vegeta with the Saiyan Armor with the Scouter and the tail in duel matches, with this code it is possible.

The story mode costumes for Goku, Nappa, Ginyu and Freeza are now usable in the Duel mode of Dragon Ball Z Budokai 1.

Update : Story Mode costumes now available for Goku (Kaio logo, detector, Battle Damaged, Red Gi without a logo), Ginyu (Battle Damaged), Nappa (without armor) and Frieza (Detector).

Action Replay Max Cheats for Budokai 1

Theses codes for Budokai 1 work on the Playstation 2 but you must have the special DVD Action Replay Max so you can use the codes below.
Theses codes can also be converted to others formats (like Codebreaker or Gameshark).

European version

Unlock all characters

Unlock the game Mode "Legend of Hercule"

Unlock all the tournaments

Get the 7 dragon balls

Give 100,000 Zenis to the player

Infinite Life (P1)

Infinite Life (P2)

1-Hit KO (P1)

1-Hit KO (P2)

Infinite Ki (P1)

Infinite Ki (P2)

Reduced Stun Time (P1)

Reduced Stun Time (P2)

Slow motion Player 1

Slow motion Player 2

Fast (P1)

Fast (P2)