Deus Ex Human Revolution modding resources

Modding Tools

This is the list of the tools you need to create your own mods.

The Gibbed Tools to mod Deus Ex Human Revolution

The Gibbed tools for Deus Ex Human Revolution make it possible to uncompress and then rebuild the game's archives.
Basically, with theses tools you can not only have a close look at the game's files but they are also useful for adding additional files to your mods.

An hexadecimal editor

This is the most essential tool you need to mod Deus Ex Human Revolution.
It is with this tool that you modify the game's data.
A free editor which allows to edit files of any size is enough but, if you can, use Winhex and 010 Editor.

Cheat Engine

Cheat Engine is a free program which allows you to easily convert values in decimal (= normal numbers) to hexadecimal. And the contrary.
Since the values in the game's files are written in hexadecimal, this program is very useful, for example if you want to change how the items stacks or for changing their prices.


Theses modding tutorials explain how to mod various aspects of the game.

Text tutorials for Deus Ex Human Revolution

All of my text tutorials for DXHR

My text tutorials which explain how to mod Deus Ex Human Revolution.
For better understanding, the tutorials also contain pictures.
It is a winrar archive which weights about 15Mo.
Theses tutorials complement the video tutorials which you can find below on this page.

How to change the merchants stocks

If you want to change what items the game's merchants sell to the player, you need to know what are the ID codes of the playable items and which files contain the merchants stocks.

Tutorial 1 : How to find the merchants stocks.
This tutorial lists the files you need to mod and where in the files the list of items sold by the merchants are located.

The objects ID codes

Most objects in the game have only 1 ID code but the playables and story items have several ID codes.
Why ? Because there exists different versions of these items.
Let's take for example the Zenith pistol, this item has :

- A 3D model to use for when it is located in a map.
- A 2D model to be used when it is in containers (like the player's inventory or a drawer for example).
- An animated 3D model when it is in the player's hands,
- A special animated 3D model when it is in the NPCs hands.

To each version of the object corresponds a file... and to each file corresponds an ID code. That is the reason for this.

That is why the the playable and story items have several ID codes :
- An "In world" ID code.
- An "In inventory" ID code,
- An "In the player's hands" ID code (Used only by the weapons).
- An "In the NPCs hands" ID code (Not all weapons have this code which is the reason why some weapons can't be used correctly by the Non-Playable Characters).

In this regards, the "In World" ID code (which corresponds to the object's version when they are located in the maps/level) can be considered as the default ID code for objects, as all objects have a version which can be put in the maps/levels.

And as contrary, you can't put a character or a door inside your inventory, so it is normal that such items have only have 1 ID code:
The "In World" ID code.

List of the objects ID codes for Deus Ex Human Revolution.

Video tutorials for Deus Ex Human Revolution

How to install mods in Deus Ex Human Revolution.

How to export the files contained in a mod (to modify them) and then how to rebuild the mod.

How to add additional files to a mod.

How to export the game's files from the "bigfiles" archives and how to rebuild the "bigfile" archives.

How to find the ID codes of the items when they are scattered in the game's world.

How to replace items which are found in the levels / maps.

This tutorial explains how to replace a character's animation in Deus Ex Human Revolution.

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