Deus Ex Human Revolution (Mods, game's details, playlists...)

Mods for the cyberpunk game Deus Ex Human Revolution.

Some video and text contents I made for Deus Ex Human Revolution.
Theses are not your usual "let's play" videos but creative contents derived from this amazing game.

Mods which improve the graphics of Deus Ex Human Revolution

Most People know about the graphical improvements made with external programs such as Reshade and SweetFx but I found a way to mod Deus Ex Human Revolution's graphics by hex editing the game. With this technic, it is possible to change the game's teint but also the fog's density and coloration.

Upper Hengsha without the yellow fog (Deus Ex Human Revolution graphics edited with hex).

The hex method to edit Deus Ex Human Revolution's graphics is better than SweetFx and Reshade as it doesn't make the game slower.
Also, it allows to increase, remove or change the fog's colorfullness.
And that can really change the game's atmosphere.
Note : Changes like this are included in the version 1.019 of the mod Hardcore Revival for Deus Ex Human Revolution.

Energy Mods for Deus Ex Human Revolution

Modding the player's energy capacity and how fast the player recovers energy (if he recovers energy at all) has a big impact on Deus Human Revolution's gameplay and it is particularly when it comes to the takedowns and punch through wall augmentations.
Here are a few examples of what can be done :

Deus Ex Human Revolution Progressive Energy mod

In this modification which was integrated in the mod Hardcore Revival, at first the player has 1 energy cell which can only be recharged by eating nutriants like the Cyberboost energy bars. But if the energy augmentation is upgraded to the maximum, the player will have up to 5 energy cells and when it is emptied, his first energy cell will need only 4 second to be fully recharged. So, what does it change when it comes to the gameplay when this augmentation is upgraded to the maximum ? For the takedowns, even if the player hasn't the reflex augmentation enabled, he can still take several enemies down but the 4 seconds delay will result in the enemies being able to call for help and, for the fasted, briefly shot at the player. All in all, stealth will be voided and the player will have to face all the enemies who are in the zone. So, that change facilites close combat and not stealth. It also makes the gameplay's pace more fluid (no need to go to the inventory during fight to resplanish the energy during combat, same if the player uses the break through walls augmentation, 4 seconds later his first energy cell will be full again, so he will be able to use augmentations.

Mod Hardcore Revival 1.018 : How the energy changes impact the gameplay.

Mod: Takedowns consume no energy in Deus Ex Human Revolution

It is possible to make augmentations and upgrades to not consume energy at all. For example, it is possible to make the takedowns to not consume any energy at all. This mod isn't included in the mod Hardcore Revival as it makes the game too easy. Still, if you want to have a look :

Mod for Deus Ex Human Revolution : Unlimited takedowns.

Mods which modify Adam Jensen's augmentations

Deus Ex Human Revolution: Long sprint Mod

Another thing which can be done in Deus Ex Human Revolution is to increase how long Adam Jensen can sprint if the player enables the hyper oxygenation upgrades. It can be made shorter or longer, as much as you want actually, as demonstrated in this video below :

Long sprint mod for Deus Ex Human Revolution.

In order to not make the game too easy, the player can't sprint as long as in this video in the mod Hardcore Revival.

Deus Ex Human Revolution Inventory Mod

The maximum inventory size is 16 x 7 cells but with modding, it is possible to increase or decrease how many cells the player's inventory has.
This is one of the ways to create an inventory mod for Deus Ex Human Revolution (The other method is to change the space taken by the items in the inventory).

An inventory mod for the game Deus Ex Human Revolution.

Mods which modify the weapons

Originally, the PEPS gun can't accept upgrades but in this video a laser sight and 3 reload upgrades have been added to it.
The laser sight improves this weapon quite a lot as it doesn't have a crosshair and knock targets out only when an headshot is achieved.
In addition, it allows to know when the targets are in or out of range.

A laser sight has been added to the PEPS Gun (Mod for Deus Ex Human Revolution).

Characters Swap Mods for Deus Ex Human Revolution

Characters swap in Deus Ex Human Revolution

Items and characters can be replaced by others in some levels of Deus Ex Human Revolution. For the moment, it is quite limited but it allows for funny videos and more importantly it can be used to improve the game by dispatching better items in the game's maps.

Characters and items swap mod in Deus Ex Human Revolution.

Weapons replacement mods in Deus Ex Human Revolution

Items (and so weapons) found in a few characters inventory can be replaced by others. For example in this mod video, Seurat's weapons have been replaced by others weapons... and even a plasma rifle, just for fun. The video also shows that some special weapons can only be used correctly by the player and not by normal characters like Seurat. If you give a special weapon to a normal character, there will be animation glitches when he uses them. Interestingly, normal characters can use correctly the plasma rifle and the rocket launcher, but not the stun gun, tranquilizer rifle, grenade launcher, PEPS gun and all the normal weapons which are equipped with their special upgrades.

In this Deus Ex Human Revolution mod video, Seurat's weapon has been replaced by a plasma rifle

Eliza Cassan character Swap mod in Deus Ex Human Revolution

In this mod video, the character Jenny Alexander has been replaced by Eliza Cassan. Even thought in the game Eliza only appears in cutscenes, it appears she has a 3D model.

Eliza Cassan mod in Deus Ex Human Revolution.

Lawrence Barret character swap mod in Deus Ex Human Revolution

I wanted to try if it was possible to replace normal characters by the game's bosses and see if it work. I thought, maybe, it could be possible to fight them in the street of Detroit or in other locations. Maybe fight them in pairs. But if it is possible to effectively replace characters like Seurat and Jenny Alexander by Barret and Fedorova, their animations are glitchy : They stay idle until the player attacks them or get very close to them. As for Fedorova, she runs out of the map if you attempt to replace Dr Very Markovic with her.

Characters swap in Deus Ex Human Revolution : Seurat replaced by Lawrence Barrett.

Jaron Namir character swap mod in Deus Ex Human Revolution

An item in the Sarif HQ's helipad storage room was replaced by the boss Jaron Namir to have a closer look at him. So far, only one of his eyes is augmented and his lower arms have quite an interesting design. The version I summoned is the version where he has his armor on.

Jaron Namir in Sarif HQ's helipad storage room (Character swap mod in Deus Ex Human Revolution).

Zeke Sanders as a Limb Clinic vendor (Character Swap mod)

Zeke Sanders has a change of heart and now likes augmentations.

Character Swap mod in Deus Ex Human Revolution : Zeke Sanders is now a Limb Clinic vendor.

Animations swap mods for Deus Ex Human Revolution

Seurat with the riot cops animations

Amongs other things, it changes Seurat's voice when he is fighting and it makes him immune to gas grenades.

In this mod video, Seurat has the riot cops animations.

Complete mods for Deus Ex Human Revolution

The mod Hardcore Revival for Deus Ex Human Revolution

Like its name indicates, one of the goals of the mod Hardcore Revival is to increase the game's difficulty but this isn't the only goal : The mod also makes the gameplay more balanced and make the secondary quests really optional as the player can just take out the NPCs who give the quests and grab their goods without losing Experience points.
And not only that : The mod also changes the items sold by the merchants and even how some characters look.

More about the mod on its official page.

Deus Ex Human Revolution : Playlist

A selection of videos for Deus Ex Human Revolution : It contains mods, video tutorials to mod the game, tips, secrets, glitch videos, the game's soundtracks. The playlist contains around 200 videos classed by themes so People aren't lost when browsing it. Some videos are made by me and some others are from others People.

Deus Ex Human Revolution : Derived Art & memes

A collection of very special screen captures from Deus Ex Human Revolution,including memes and a closer look on the bosses (amongs other things).

Presentation of Deus Ex Human Revolution (Review)

This is a review for Deus Ex Human Revolution : It highlights the game's strong and weak points, give some tips to complete the Steam achievements and lists what is contained in the different versions of the game and DLCs as there are quite a few notable difference between the normal version of the game and the Director's Cuts version.