Mods images from Deus Ex Human Revolution

A selection of curious screen captures from Deus Ex Human Revolution which show the 3 Boss and important characters in unusual positions and locations.
Well, that's the Art part : These pictures allow to have a very close look at the amazing work made by the game's creators.
Even thought HR is a 2011 game and its graphics look a little bit outdated, the artistic work made on the characters look, costumes and the game's hubs and levels are still impressive today.

Yelena Federova summoned in Sarif Industries' HQ Storage room. Boss Yelena Federova from up close. Le Boss Yelena Federova invoquée dans l'appartement de Seurat à Détroit.
Yelena Federova fights Adam Jensen in Seurat's appartment (Mod Deus Ex Human Revolution). Yelena Federova on the ground in the city of Detroit (Mod Deus Ex Human Revolution). Megan Reed lights a smoke in Deus Ex Human Revolution (Mod).
Close up on the boss Lawrence Barrett (the guy has an augmented jaw). The Boss Lawrence Barrett from a 3/4 view perspective (Nice jaw, man!). Quinn in Seurat's lair (Deus Ex Human Revolution Mod).
The armored version of Jaron Namir from up close (like how he appears in the prologue). Very close look at the third and last boss of Deus Ex Human Revolution, Jaron Namir. Fully human Adam Jensen summoned in Sarif HQ's Helipad storage room.
Vasili Sevchenko summoned in the Helipad Storage at Sarif HQ. Eliza Cassan (Character swap mod in Deus Ex Human Revolution). Deus Ex Meme : Human Enhancement is the future (Courtesy of Zeke Sanders).
Yune as a LIMB Clinic vendor (Character swap mod in Deus Ex Human Revolution). Zeke Sanders changed his opinion about augmentations (Mod). Zhao Yun Ru in Sarif HQ's helipad storage room (Character Swap mod in Deus Ex Human Revolution).
The player meets Quinn for the first time at Seurat's place (Character swap mod in Deus Ex Human Revolution). Military truck summoned in the Sarif HQ's helipad storage room. A boat named Tony Mergesio in the middle of Sarif HQ's Helipad.