Deus Ex : Human Revolution : Presentation

Deus Ex Human Revolution is an Action-RPG cyberpunk video game which takes place in the near future and its story plot focuses on human evolution through mechanical enhancements.

In Deus Ex HR, the player controls Adam Jensen, a mechanically augmented character who works for Sarif Industries as their chief of security. The majority of the game takes place in two hubs : Detroit and Hengsha but for some important missions, the player has to travel to more traditional areas located in other parts of the World (Like the Picus tower in Montreal, the Omega ranch in Singapore or the Panchea Artic Station, ...).
The two main city hubs may not be on the scale of those seen in games which take place in an Open World, but Deus Ex Human Revolution's level design and attention to details make up for it. For example, if in a building it isn't possible to enter to every appartments, it doesn't mean that the space is empty behind the unbreakable and unopenable appartement doors :
Sometimes by going next to these doors, the player may hear the radio playing or characters talking. And if he has the "See through Walls" augmentation, he may see that there are really characters in these appartments which can be entered.

Attention to details in the game Deus Ex Human Revolution : A couple arguing behind an unbreakable and unopenable door in Detroit's Chiron Hotel

Same for the vehicles. If in the city hubs, all the cars are static, outside of the maps borders, there are moving cars.

There are moving cars in Deus Ex Human Revolution (Game's details).

As for the leveling up system, the player will be able to customize Adam Jensen during the course of the story by enabling his still dormant augmentations with Praxis kits.
These softwares can be obtained from completing the missions and exploring the World.

The game's major characters are also very well made.
Special mentions to David Sarif, Faridah Malik, Franck Pritchard, Megan Reed and Quinn who all have great personnalities, dialogues and voice acting. And the secondary characters are generally good even if a few of them like Zeke Sanders or Zhao Yun Ryu are a little bit cliché.

Some players may also complain about the 3 mandatory fights with the bosses Lawrence Barret, Yelena Federova and Jaron Namir as it is impossible to avoid them or to just knock them out. Plus, in the normal version of the game, theses fights can be very hard for thoses who chose to play stealthly and non-lethally. But the Director's Cuts version fixed this flaw as new ways of defeating theses bosses without using brute force have been added.

Now, when it comes from the glitches and bugs, the game still has a few of them but they don't happen often and most of them consist of collision bugs and weapons taking the vertical position after the NPCs who were carrying them have been eliminated.
But well, theses last glitches are more on the funny side rather than the annoying side :

Weapon glitch in Deus Ex Human Revolution.

There is also a very rare glitch where characters who have been knocked out get up without their teammates having waking them up :

Wake up glitch in the game Deus Ex Human Revolution.

Also, occasionnaly the character Double T will appear inside a wall during the secondary quest Cloak and Dagger (Which can be solved easily by quitting the zone, for example to go back to Detective Alexander and then come back to the Appartment block 2. NB: Sometimes it may be necessary to do that 2-3 times so Double-T appears inside the appartement and not in the wall).

Finally, there are two others bugs which may be annoying :
The first one may happen when the player uses the funicular in the Picus tower : When it is going down, the game may freeze and it can happen several times in a row (it is apparently a memory issue).

And the last bug happens after the player has defeated Zhao Yun Ru : Here if the player tries to save the game, a crash may happen. Not saving is the way to go to avoid this issue.

Excepted these few annoying issues, the last version of Deus Ex Human Revolution Director's Cuts has been patched correctly (Current version is

The Director's Cuts version

This version of the game adds :

- 3 New weapons (A Grenade launcher, an hunsman rifle and a silenced sniper rifle),
- 2 new items : The automatic Unlock Device and the remote detonated explosif device.
- 2 New quests : "You Scratch My Back, I'll Scratch Yours" and "The Missing Link".
- 4 New areas : An old noodles factory, a cargo boat, a naval base and an underwater lab.
- 4 important characters (Netanya Keitner, Garvin Quinn, Tiffany Kavanagh and Gary Savage).
- 1 New boss : Pieter Burke.
- Reworked boss fights.
- When playing on easy and normal difficulty, the player's first 2 energy cell will regenerate automatically.
- A New Game+ mode.
- A commentary mode.
- A special DVD about the making off of the game.

Just for the reworked boss fights, this version of the game is worth it, as in the base game it was near impossible for stealth players to beat the first Boss Lawrence Barrets, especially if they were only playing with non-lethal weapons and didn't have the typhoon augmentation.
The Director's Cuts version not only add weapons and ammos in the boss rooms, it also adds additional way to beat them : Like using turrets, gas and/or electricity. The Director's Cuts version doesn't make the Bosses easy, it makes the difficulty balanced.

Tips & tricks for Deus Ex Human Revolution

Here are some useful tips for Deus Ex Human Revolution :

Temporally disable lasers

The stun gun can temporally disable lasers. It is an useful alternative when the player doesn't have the cloaking augmentation or hasn't upgraded enough the hacking augmentation to disable the laser panels.

Get infos from the informant Letitia

Also, if you give 4 Hot Red Devil Beers to the informant Leticia during the first visit of Detroit, she will give a notebook to the player which contains a code to open a garage. Several of theses beers can be found in the trashcans in Detroit and 2 of them can be found in another garage not far from where Letitia is.
The player can also buy infos from the character Letitia and then knocks her out to get back the money. This allows to get several codes and passwords without having paid anything.

Easy ways to obtain the steam achievement "Seems you like playing with balls, eh ? "

Depending what augmentations the player has when he tries to unlock this achievement, there are several ways to proceed. And with some of them, it is impossible to miss. Almost.

Some funny ways to obtain the Steam achievement "Balls" in Deus Ex Human Revolution.

Use Josie Thorpe to easily defeat Zeke Sanders

In the game, throwing characters against other do a ridiculously high level of damage.

Throwing Josie Thorpe at Zeke Sanders defeats him in one sweep.

Look around while using a computer

The player can look around him while using computers. This feature is quite niche but in some areas, it can be useful to spot enemies.

Tip in Deus Ex Human Revolution : Looking around while using a computer.

Mods for Deus Ex Human Revolution

As contrary to Deus Ex 1, Deus Ex Human Revolution isn't what you can call a mods-friendly game in the sense that no official tools have been released to mod it. Still, some members of the modding community have managed to create some tools to manage the game's files and thanks to that, some mods have been made.
There are two sorts of mods : Thoses who make the game look better and those who make changes to the gameplay.

The Mod Deus Ex Hardcore Revival for Deus Ex Human Revolution

Hardcore Revival is a mod which change various aspects of Deus Ex Human Revolution's gameplay and even how a few characters look ingame.

For more infos about this mod : Hardcore Revival for Deus Ex Human Revolution, the mod.

The burger debug menu mod for  Deus Ex Human Revolution

The burger debug menu mod for the game Deus Ex Human Revolution unlocks a special menu which allows, amongs other things, the player to get the items he wants and how many of them he wants. This menu can be acccessed ingame by clicking on the ESCAPE button and by choosing to enter the Debug Menu Mod.
The burger debug mod makes it also possible to select the levels (Detroit 1 or 2, Hengsha 1 or 2 or to play directly the boss fights) and so it is a precious ressources for modders as if you made a change to the game, you can go directly to the area you have modified to see if your modifications work correctly. So, many thanks to the person who have made this amazing mod.

You can get the Burger Debug Mod here :

The Burger Debug Menu Mod for Deus Ex Human Revolution

The Modhook for the GOG version of Deus Ex Human Revolution

This is a modified DFEngine.dll file made by Gibbed which is necessary if you want to play with mods on the GOG version of Deus Ex Human Revolution Director's Cuts.

The graphical mods for Deus Ex Human Revolution

There exists several shaders mods which aim to improve the game's graphical quality. Theses mods, like for example thoses based on ENB & Sweet FX, improve the shadows, lights and some even remove the yellow filter.

Patch fixes for Deus Ex Human Revolution

How to play Deus Ex Human Revolution on Windows 11

It can be troublesome to play Deus Ex Human Revolution Director's Cuts on computers which have a high number of cores and which run on the Windows 11 system.
To make the game runs on such computers, here is what to do.

1) Get the old Runtime Pack + Gamefix package and install all the older Runtime packs for Windows, you need them to make the game runs (and they can also be necessary for other older games too).

2) Then you need to configure the executable file DXHRDC.exe to limit the number of cores the game can use.
For this, open DXHRDC.exe with an hexadecimal editor (like Winhex or 010 Editor) and go to the ligne 0xD3165.
There, replace the values E8 46 F0 FF FF by 90 90 90 90 90 .
By limiting the number of cores the game can use, you will prevent it from crashing after a few minutes of play.
NB : For thoses who aren't familiar with hex editing, you can use the patch DXHR EXE Patcher , it will do that automatically for you.
Just, after installing this, make sure to copy/paste the file DFEngine.dll which is in the patch's folder named "compatable_modhook" into the folder where you installed Deus Ex Human Revolution on your computer (and which is probably : C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Deus Ex Human Revolution Director's Cut .
This way, you will also be able to play the game with mods (like the Burged Debug Menu, Hardcore Revival and others).

3) Last but not least, if you play on a computer which has two graphics cards (which is often the case for laptops which have one small integrated graphics device and one high-end dedicated gaming graphic card), make sure to open you high-end graphic card's configuration menu and configure the game to use it.
Otherwise, there is a good chance that the game will use you weak graphic device and the game will be very slow.
So for example, if you have an Nvidia graphic card, open Nvidia Control Center and then in program, select Deus Ex Human Revolution et make sure that when it runs, it uses your Nvidia graphic card.

Play Deus Ex Human Revolution in 4K : UI Scaling Fix

By default, if you try to play Deus Ex Human Revolution with a resolution higher than 1920x1080, the UI elements (life, number or ammos or more annoyingly the sniper rifle's scope) will be very small.
But thanksfully, it is now possible to fix this, again by editing the executable file DXHRDC.exe with an hex editor.
So, open DXHRDC.exe with an hexadecimal editor and choose "Search".
Choose to search "Hex Values" and search for 000500FF81.
Eventually, you will find :
81 FF 00 05 00 00 7C 05 BF 00 05 00 00 DB 44 24
When you do, replace it with :
81 FF 00 0F 00 00 7C 05 BF 00 0F 00 00 DB 44 24
This correspond to the visual scaling.

Then, replace theses values :
81 FE 00 05 00 00 7D 08 8B CE 89 74 24 20 EB 09 B9 00 05 00 00 89 4C 24 20
by the following values :
81 FE 00 0F 00 00 7D 08 8B CE 89 74 24 20 EB 09 B9 00 0F 00 00 89 4C 24 20 .
Theses ones are the mouse's coordinates scaling.

With this, the UI elements will be displayed correctly even when you play the game in 4k (3840x2160).

Cheat codes for Deus Ex Human Revolution

Make all Adam Jensen's energy cells rechargeable

This cheat code can be enabled by using Cheat engine while playing the game. If it is actived, then all of Adam Jensen's energy cells will automatically recharge themselves (while originally, only Jensen's first energy cell recharges itself).

Modding ressources for Deus Ex Human Revolution

This list of tutorials and modding tools explain how to mod the game.

Deus Ex Human Revolution OST

This is the list of Deus Ex Human Revolution's Original Soundtracks.
All the game's OST can be listened to on Youtube, even the rarest ones : The Combat OST.
Thing is: The gameplay of HR is so much focused on stealth that theses combat OST are rarely heard and amons them there are some amazing ones which are only used in a few areas throughout the game.

Useful links for Deus Ex Human Revolution

This Deus Ex Human Revolution playlist contains over 150 videos classed by themes : Mods, glitches, tips and tricks, easter eggs, trophies achievement guides, secrets and the game's soundtracks (Including the rare combat songs).

The Deus Ex Human Revolution section on Deus Ex Wiki contains a tons of informations about the game and the Deus Ex Universe, such as the complete list of characters in the serie, the factions, the playable items and their characteristics, informations and theories about the story plot,... and of course, a mods section.

The page of Deus Ex Human Revolution Director's Cuts on PC Gaming Wiki : It lists the game's issues and explains how to fix some of them.

Deus Ex Human Revolution's community hub on Steam : Here you can discuss the game with other players and also find how to tutorials, including technical ones (For example the tutorial which explains how to fix stuttering issues with the Director's Cuts version of the game).

The Deus Ex community on Reddit where you can share videos, opinions, pictures or fanarts about the serie.

The Panoramas of Deus Ex Human Revolution shows the various areas visited throughout the game as panoramas.