Raw Cheat Codes for the game Dragon Ball Z Tenkaichi 3 (PS2 version Only)

First, know that theses cheats for Dragon Ball Z Tenkaichi 3 are in raw format.

Cheat codes in raw format can only be used within a pnach file and if you play with the PCSX2 emulator (PS : Playing with the emulator is perfectly legal as long as you own a Playstation 2, a legal copy of the game and if you have dumped your PS2's bios into the PCSX2's bios folder).

My pnach files which contain the codes can be found in the description of my Tenkaichi 3 cheats videos on Youtube.

NB : For the American version, all codes have been created by me but for the European and Japanese Pnach file, please note that in addition to my codes, I have also added the old Cheat Engines codes created by Miseru99 (after I converted them) as a convenience for the community (In theses 2 pnach files, what codes he created are clearly indicated: but generally, they are found at the end of the files).

Download my pnach files for Tenkaichi 3 (EU, US, JP).

What kind of Cheat codes are found in the Tenkaichi 3 Pnach files

All 3 versions of the Tenkaichi 3 contain :

1) Cheat codes which will allow you to change the number of lifebars for the characters' base state and each of their transformation : It is you who decide how many lifebars Goku SSJ, Vegeta SSJ2, Gotenks SSJ3, Gogeta SSJ4, etc ... have.
For example, you can give 3 lifebars to Goku base form, 5 lifebars to Goku SSJ1, 7 lifebars (1 blue bar) to Goku SSJ2, 10 lifebars to Goku SSJ3, 20 lifebars to Goku SSJ4 (or even 1 million if you want, your choice).
Some examples in pictures :

Goku fight Vegeta at the beginning of Dragon Ball Z (Game : DBZ Tenkaichi 3 and both characters have had their number of lifebars changed with cheat codes). Just to show that with the codes it is possible to give a different number of lifebars to every characters' transformations in the game Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 3. Android 18 and Mister Satan are ready to fight in the World Tournament (Game : Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 3 with cheat codes : Both characters have a customized numbers of lifebars and ki bars).

2) Cheat codes which sets the number of ki bars each character's form begins the fights with.
With theses codes, you can set the number of ki bars each form of each character has at the start of the match.
As you can see with the picture above where Android 18 is ready to fight Mister Satan in the World Tournament Ring, she is about to start the match with all her ki bars full while as contrary Mister Satan has all his ki bars empty.
This just to show what this codes can do (and of course, just like with the lifebars codes you can change with how many ki bars each one of the character's forms start the matches with).

3) Cheat codes which change the maximum number of blast stocks a character can accumulate at maximum (The characters will still begin the fights with 0 blast stocks, thought).

By default, Early Goku can accumulate 6 blast stocks during the matches. With the codes, it is for example possible to set the characters blast stock to 2 like in this example.

The maximum number of blast stock you can give is 7 and the minimum is 0.

In this example with Early Goku, I put his maximum number of blast stocks to 2, so he can't use his kaioken special ability unless the player puts the potaras Spiritual control or Lover of Justice in his skills tray.
The codes allows to do things like that and of course, theses three codes can also be used by the players to make some characters a little bit stronger and others ones weaker, so their strenghts match the real strenght they have in the manga and the anime series.

Also, since theses raw cheat codes modify the default version of the characters, if you play in the tournament, all the characters you will fight in the tournaments or in the missions 100 modes will have the custom lifebars, ki and blast stocks values which you have set for them with the codes.

Hopefully you guys will have as much fun as playing with theses codes that I had fun creating them for you.

Video Tutorial to activate my Lifebars Cheat Codes for the game Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 3.

And by the way, for thoses of you who aren't familiar with raw codes, This video tutorial may be helpful to you : It explains how theses cheat codes for Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 3 work and how to use them.

4) Cheat code to change the CPU level in Tenkaichi 3, whatever the mission or tournament you choose to play.
And the good thing is that there is an additional AI difficulty level : The "Max AI CPU" which increases the difficulty of the characters controlled by the CPU.

5) Cheat codes for the player 1 and the player 2 (Works with whatever character you and your friends have chosen). Available only for the EU and japanese versions of the game).
- Give the halo potara.
- Life regeneration.
- Change the aura color.
- Change the number of lifebars.
- Infinite Max Power mode.
- Be stronger or wearker during clashes and beam struggles.

6) Cheat codes which unlock characters, missions and objects :
- All story mode missions unlocked.
- All missions 100 unlocked.
- All tournaments unlocked.
- Max Zenis (Money).
- All music soundtracks unlocked.
- All stages/Arenas unlocked.
- All characters unlocked.

7) A cheat code which removes the 7 limit in the inventory, which will allow you to give to a character the 7 potaras you want, whathever the place they take in the inventory. This cheat code isn't necessary anymore if you play the game on PC, as I have found a way to make all potaras use 1 slot.

8) A cheat codes which give the 7 potaras you want at once to EVERY custom versions of the characters. And it's possible to do that with red potaras.

9) A cheat code which enable "Disk Fusion" : And this will unlock new additional modes in the Missions 100 game mode.

10) A cheat code which changes the characters size for the Player 1 and Player 2.

Giant King Piccolo in Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 3 (Cheat codes have been used to change his side).

For example, in this video I made the player 1 giant so I could fight Goku as Giant King Piccolo.

For this Size Modifier Cheat Codes for the Player 1, I don't know who created it but it but nice job.
However, I found some additional characters size codes which modify the size of the Player 2.

11) Also, thoses are my Dragon Sim Cheat Codes which change the opponents fought in the Dragon Sim Mode and also the arenas in which theses fights take place.
Because fighting Cell fourth times and three random opponents three times everytime is boresome.

The Dragon Sim Cheat Codes for the PS2 game Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 3.

With theses codes, you can create a custom Dragon Sims trial and so, for example, recreate the Cell or Buu saga or even create a Tenkaichi Budokai Tournament.

Just a thing, thought : The Dragon Sims codes are disabled by default in the pnatch files and must be enabled only when you want to play in this game mode as they can sometimes cause glitches in the duel mode.

12) And now, here are my potaras cheat codes for Tenkaichi 3.
Theses code change ALL potaras to only use 1 slot in the characters' inventory and change the red potaras into normal yellow potaras.
And so, yes, with theses cheats the red potaras can be used like the normal potaras (so, bought in the z items shop and added to the characters skills tray).

Red potaras changed into yellow potaras + all potaras use only 1 slot (Tenkaichi 3 cheat codes).

Also, one of my potaras codes make the halo potara usable by the evil characters (after all in the anime, Cell, Recoome, Jeece, etc... are seen with a halo in Hell and Frieza in Dragon Ball Super during the Tournament of Power).

13) In addition, this Widescreen fix patch makes the game more enjoyable when playing on larger screens :

My widescreen fix patch for Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 3.

It not only makes the image recover the whole screen but it also keeps the original aspect ratio too :
How the game looks on wide screens without the widescreen fix patch versus how it looks on large screens when the patch is enabled.

14) Coming Next (so not available yet) : Codes which automatically unlock the characters skills tray and change the destruction points the characters have.

Note : For players who wish to use theses raw cheat codes on the Playstation 2, it is possible but for this, you need special PS2 DVDs like Action Replay Max, Codebreaker or Gameshark to make them work (and of course, you'll have to convert the codes into theses formats with Omniconvert).