Merchants stocks in Deus Ex Human Revolution (Modding)

Modding ressources for Deus Ex Human Revolution. By Grognougnou.

What files contain the list of items sold by each merchant

If you extract the game's files with the Gibbed Tools, the list of items which are sold by the merchants are all found in the folder : "default\pc-w".

What items the LIMB CLINICS SELL :

LIMB CLINIC (Detroit 1, 1st visit: Merchant = Vera Marcovic)

LIMB CLINIC (Detroit 1 : Merchant = Andrea Mantegna)

LIMB CLINIC (Detroit 2 : Merchant = Andrea Mantegna)

LIMB CLINIC (Hengsha 1 : Merchant = Huang Ling)

LIMB CLINIC (Hengsha 2 : Merchant = Huang Ling)

LIMB CLINIC (Panchea) : Merchant = Gerta Mueller)
pan_ring.drm .

What items Grayson sells :

GRAYSON (Detroit 1)

GRAYSON (Detroit 2)

What items Seurat sells :

SEURAT (Detroit 1)

SEURAT (Detroit 2)

What items Lin Fu Ren sells :

LIN FU REN (Hengsha 1, Huen Hua Hostel)

LIN FU REN (Hengsha 2, Huen Hua Hostel)

What items Peng Xin Hao sells :

(Hengsha 1, Alice Garden Pods)

(Hengsha 2, he is now in the Youzao district)

What items Lu Pin Rong sells :

LU PIN RONG (Hengsha 2, sewers near the seaport) :

What items Quinn sells :

(DLC, Belltower base, merchant = Garvin Quinn)
E93A1808.drm : This unnamed file is found is the unknown folder. It contains the items sold by Quinn.
Note: There are 2 lists of items in the file, located one after the other.
The first list is the normal list of items sold by Quinn.
And the 2nd list located just after is the FULL listt of items sold by Quinn IF you persuade him with the Casie Augmentation so he sells more items.

How to change what items the game's merchants sell

The codes of the items (when they are inside an inventory) can be found here.

1 - You need to find the merchants' stocks. For this, open the files above and simply search
the items codes + 00.
For example, if you want to find the Typhoon ammos in the file s_scn_det_limbclinic_det01_det_city_limb_clinic.drm ,
Search 335F00 (33 5F is the ID of the item "Typhoon ammo").
Why I add 00 to the code when I search them in the files is because it is easier to find them as they can exist some codes which contain 335F
in the file. But by searching the items codes + 00, I usually always find directly the merchants stocks.

Inside the merchants stocks, the Typhoon ammo's code will look like this :
33 5F 00 00 00 00 4F 02 00 00 00 00 00.

Items sold by the merchants in the game's files (Deus Ex Human Revolution Modding tutorial)

In this code, 33 5F 00 00 is the Typhoon's ammo ID and 00 00, 4F 02 and 00 00 which follows it are values which you can find inside the Typhoon's ammo paragraphe in the file pickup_database.drm (NB: Please note that the Typhoon is calle Claymore in the game's files).

Basically, items like the ammos have only 1 value which correspond to how the item looks in the game's world. But others items have 2 and some items even have 3 values. They corresponds to how looks the item when it is used by the non-playable characters.

2 - So, if for example, you want to make the Limb clinic merchant Andrea Mantegna to sell, Pro Energy Jars instead of Typhoon ammos when you enter the Limb Clinic for the second time during Detroit's first visit, then you need to replace the code ID 33 5F of the Typhoon ammo by the Pro Energy Jar's ID code which is 1B 4D.
But you also need to replace 4F 02 by the code found in the Pro Energy Jar's paragraphe in the file "pickup_database.drm", which is B1 01.

So basically to replace the Typhoon ammo item by the Pro Energy Jar's item in Andrea Mantegna' stock, you will replace:
33 5F 00 00 00 00 4F 02 00 00 00 00 00 by 1B 4D 00 00 00 00 B1 01 00 00 00 00.

Then, of course, when your modification is done, you will have to save the file s_scn_det_limbclinic_det01_det_city_limb_clinic.drm .

That's how you need to proceed to replace 1 item in the merchants' stocks.

List of the playable items IDs for Deus Ex Human Revolution.

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