Deus Ex Human Revolution Soundtracks

Deus Ex Human Revolution has great background musics and some of them are only played shortly, if ever, depending on how you play the game.
If anything, the rarest ones are, of course, the combat themes because if you play the game without using mods, DXHR's gameplay is heavily unbalanced and and favors the stealth playstyle way too much.
It's a shame because the game has amazing Combat Themes.
Anyways, below I have listed all Deus Ex Human Revolution's music themes so (some of) you may discover the Combat Themes or tracks they have missed when they played the game.

Deus Ex Human Revolution OST

Deus Ex Human Revolution Exploration Themes

A Walk with Megan.
This song plays in the prologue when Megan Reed and Adam Jensen walk through the Sarif HQ Labs.

Sarif Vs Unatco theme.
This theme plays when Jensen and Prichard exit the elevator during the prologue. It is a mix between the song 'A Walk with Megan' and Deus Ex 1's Unatco theme.

Purity First Theme.
This song plays during the mission at Sarif Industries' Milwaukee Manufacturing Plant Factory when the player has reached the labs.

The Mole.

Detroit City Ambient Part 1.

Detroit Marketplace.

This is the melancholic theme which plays when the player enters inside Adam Jensen's appartement in Detroit.

Skyrail Station Punk Music.
It is the music which is played in the Detroit Metro Station where a group of Punks dance.

Detroit Limb Clinic Theme.

Hengsha, Jewel of the Orient.
This Epic theme plays during the cutscene where Jensen and Malik approach Hengsha by Helicopter.

Huen Hua Hotel Theme.
A part of this song is also played in the office areas of Sarif Industries Manufacturing Plant (First mission accomplished by Jensen when he comes back augmented after his 6 months hiatus).

Lower Hengsha Ambient part 1.
This is the main theme which is played in the Lower Hengsha City Hub.

Hengsha Sewers Clash.

Equality (Hengsha Limb Clinic Theme).
This is a slightly different version of the Detroit Limb Clinic Theme. In particular, different instruments, like violins, are used.

The Hive Theme.

Searching for Windmill.

Hengsha Court Gardens Stress.

Pangu, City above the City.

Entering TYM.

TYM Security.

Tai Yong Medical Laboratories.

The Data Core.

Unatco Radio Song.

Zhao Run Yhu's Penthouse.

Escape from the Penthouse.


Picus Communications.

To the Funicular.

Everybody Lies.

After the Crash.
This is the exploration theme which plays after the player has defeated the Belltower soldiers who ambushed Jensen and Malik in Hengha's Construction Site.

Return to Hengsha.

Dark Corners of Hengsha.

Singapore Ambient Part 2.
This theme plays in the Omega Ranch exterior.

The Omega Institute.

Omega Labs.

The Researchers.

Hour of Revenge.

And Away We Go.
This is the epic song which plays during the cutscene where Jensen uses the Space Shuttle to go to the Panchea Arctic Station.


Panchaea - Hangar/Tower Ambient.

Eerie Silence.


Darrow's Rationale.

Insanity Augmented.

Preparation for Finale.

Deus Ex Human Revolution Combat Themes

Detroit Combat 2.

Detroit Derelict Row Combat.

Detroit Sewer Combat (City District).
This Epic combat soundtrack plays only once in the game : When Adam Jensen fights Isias Sandoval in the second visit of Detroit, if the player has chosen to not frame Bill Taggart. Which means : If you get the scene when Sandoval is suicidal and you have to convince him out of it, this theme will never play.

Hengsha Huen Hua Hotel Combat.

Trouble in the Hive.

Ambush at Alice Pod Gardens.

Hengsha TYM Penthouse Lobby Combat.

Harvesters Hideout (Combat Theme).
This song plays when the player starts a fight in the Harvesters' Hideout in Hengsha 2.

Belltower Dock Battle.

- Hengsha Seaport Warehouse Combat.
This is another amazing combat track : You can hear it when you fight Double T and his crew in the  Cloak & Dagger secondary mission, if you start a fight when entering Isias Sandoval's hideout (When you exit his appartement) and in the Hangar of Belltower' Seaport in Hengsha (When the Belltower soldiers drop a boxguard heavy robot.

Barret Bossfight Theme.

Federova Bossfight Theme.

Namir Bossfight Theme.

Hyron Final Boss Theme.

The Missing Link Original Soundtracks

Restricted Wing (Ambient).
This ambience theme can be heard in the secret lab located below the Sea where Jensen finds Tiffany Kavannah.

Opening, Ending and Credits

Opening Credits

Icarus (Main Menu and Sarif HQ Theme)

End Credits.
The End Credits theme was first used in the game's trailer.

First and Last

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