Deus Ex Mankind Divided MOD: Hardcore Revival

The MOD Hardcore Revival is a mod which tries to improve the gameplay of Deus Ex Mankind Divided.
This isn't a visual mod and it doesn't change how the game looks visually.

The mod Hardcore Revival 1.022 for Deus Ex Mankind Divided

Here are the changes made by the version 1.022 of the mod Hardcore Revival to DXMD's gameplay :

How long the blurred vision effects last have been changed (Deus Ex Mankind Divided mod).

1) Items :

- Effects changed for some items (Ex: Amount of energy recovered by the biocells).
- Inventory mod: Size, stacking and price of the items changed.
- The amount of spare parts needed to craft multitools, biocells, mine devices, thyphoon ammos,...
- The blurred vision effects after drinking a beverage now last only 2.5 seconds.
- Hypo-stimjector and painkillers can't give additional health points anymore.

Weapon characteristics of Deus Ex Mankind Divided modded (Mod Hardcore Revival 1.01).

2) Weapons :

- The characteristics of the weapons have been changed (Damage, reloading time, recoil, rate of fire, range).
- The weapons customizations (How many spares parts are needed and how much their capacity are improved).
- The weapons mods (Scope, Silencer,...) : What bonus and malus they give to the firearms.
- The visual (text) stats of the weapons have been changed so they match the weapons' real characteristics (Now what you see is what you get).
- The rare Cote d'Azur rifle is now a very powerful weapon.

Amount of praxis kits to enable Adam Jensen's Augmentation (MOD Hardcore Revival 1.01 for Deus Ex Mankind Divided).

3) Augmentations :

- The mod changes how many praxis are needed to enable Adam Jensen's augmentations.
- A few major augmentations are now disabled at the start of the game but can be enabled later with praxis kits.
- The rebreather augmentation now doesn't consume energy anymore.
- The radar HUD doesn't display characters, turrets and robots anymore : It now just shows the environment, the objectives locations and if the zones are public or restricted.
- The TESLA augmentation now just can eliminate 2 enemies at once (instead of 4, previously).
- The player can stay invisible for a shorter time now and it's not possible anymore to do a takedown and stay invisible.
- Takedowns now use zero energy but most of them can be done only if the player is very close to the targets.
- The upgrades of the experimental augmentations add +50 to the overclocking.

4) Experience points rewards :

- The amount of xp received by the player for completing quests, for winning or losing conversation battles or for performing actions like knocking out enemies, hacking computers or consoles, reading notebooks or exploring secret areas has been changed. The mod makes the experience points system more balanced.

The version 1.021 of the mod Hardcore Revival makes the characters react faster.

5) IA :
- The characters react faster.
- Some of the player's actions do more noise (and so there is more chance to be heard by enemies and civilians npcs).

More details about the mod

Hardcore Revival 1.022 is a complete inventory mod : All playable items and weapons have been modded, including the special EMP ammos and DLC weapons.
- Some items stack more but the powerful ammos stack less and the weapons take slightly more inventory space..
- But there is an optional version of the mod where the weapons have their original size and all the ammos stack up to 500 and the items to 50.

For the weapon modifications :

Their base stats and their maximized stats have been modded.
Some examples of the changes made :
- Fully customized, the revolver's magazine can now contain only 7 bullets (Instead of 17).
- Otar's custom Revolver is now a little bit more powerful.
- The mod changes the Côte d'Azur Combat Rifle (which was pretty useless) into a powerful weapon.
- The Devastator Shotgun is a little more powerful now (as the Armor Piercing ammo for the Shotgun are rare).
- The Tranquilizer Rifle has now a better range so the player can use it to snipe the closest NPCs from the top of the Atrium in the Dubail prologue.
- The Elite Zenith Pistol's damage has been nerfed so it is equal to the normal version of the Elite Pistol.
- Customizing the Elite Combat Rifle and the Elite Revolver now require a lots of spare parts (as fully upgraded, this weapon is very powerful).
- When equipped with a silencer, the Lancer Rifle's power has been nerfed : Now to eliminate armored enemies with one hit you need a headshot when the silenced is on.

Le mod Hardcore Revival 1.012 modifie les stats des armes de Deus Ex Mankind Divided. Les stats du lance-grenades ont été modifiées (Mod Hardcore Revival pour Deus Ex Mankind Divided).

For the augmentations :

- The radar augmentation doesn't display targets anymore (Which makes the smart vision augmentation necessary to detect enemies).
- The health regeneration aug is disabled but it can be enabled after the first visit to Koller, if you choose to spend praxis kit in it.
- The player's health is now a little bit lower as hypo-stimjectors and painkillers don't give additional points. And since the additional health points given by the drinks gradually decreases, it results in a bit less health. But the funny side of this is that now, it's advantageous to have a drink or two before a fight :)
- FOCUS now lasts less time (as this aug was really overpowered) and it works best if the aiming upgrades is enabled.
- Cloaking has been nerfed a lot as in the base game, it was possible to cross a whole level unchallenged, just by staying invisible (For example, at Garm).
- Takedowns (melee attacks) too have been nerfed : They are more difficult to pull, it is not possible anymore to stay invisible while doing them and it is necessary to be very close to the targets to do them. For more practicability however, they don't cost any energy anymore.
Basically, the takedowns are still very powerful but not that much overpowered and it's more practical to use them as it isn't necessary to use a biocell each time after doing them.
- As for TESLA, this augmentation upgraded to the maximum was really making the game a walk in the park, so the mod decreases its power a little and make it "just" very powerful.
- As contrary, the Sarif energy converter augmentation is now more powerful as 2/3 of the player's energy bar now recharges automatically (and not just 1/5).
- For the Chaff upgrade, when it is enabled now the grenades and mines explode after 5 seconds while they are located near the player (while without it, they explode after 2.5 seconds).
Originally, the delay added by this upgrade was 10 seconds, which was way too much and made playing with the grenades and mines items a nuisance.
Now this upgrade is finally useful.

- More praxis kits are needed to unlock Jensen's best augmentations and upgrades.
That said, for most augmentations, the increased cost in praxis kits isn't that big, excepted for a few augmentations which break the game's difficulty (like the dissassembler aug added by one of Deus Ex Mankind Divided's DLCs).
Anyways, the mod makes it impossible to unlock all praxis kits in one playthrought so the players have to choose what augmentations they want to enable, depending on their playstyle.
To unlock everything and make Adam Jensen "complete", you will need to start a party with the New Game + mode.

- The overheating system is now a bigger factor in the main campaign as every time the player unlocks any upgrade of an experimental augmentation, +50 is added to the overclocking.
However, the maximum overheating is capped at +500, so to freely use experimental augmentations (with glitches, thought) and not lose 2 augmentation due to overheating, the player may have to disable 2 augmentations before Vaclav Koller fixes Jensen with the calibrator.

For the experience rewards :

Even if Deus Ex Mankind Divided is more balanced than Deus Ex Human Revolution, its gameplay still favors players who play stealthly, non-lethally and use the hacking augmentation.
The mod Hardcore Revival 1.022 tries to fix that by changing the amount of xp received by the player.
A few examples below :
- The player now gets zero experience points for hacking, exploring and eliminating enemies. But using passwords and codes still grant xp.
- You get the same amount of Xp whether you win or lose a conversation battle. Wannabe a Jackass like JC Denton ? Yes, you can (Now ;).

Now about the level of difficulty : The Mod increases a little the game's difficulty, but don't worry, it won't make the game unplayable. Far from it (It is still too easy IMHO :).

1) The mod increases the game's difficulty by making fighting and stealth a little bit harder :

To play without seeing any targets displayed on the wayfinder radar HUD minimap makes the game more challenging as you can't see the enemy NPCs. Now the only way to know where hiding enemies are is to use the Smart Vision augmentation but it's a costly augmentation.
Starting the game without the health regeneration enabled also makes the game harder and if you enable it after the prologue, you lose 5 praxis kits.
As contrary, most experimental augmentations only require a few praxis kits to be enabled (to counterbalance the overclocking malus.
The characters also react very fast and see from a bigger distance. And even thought only some of the actions done by the player make more noise, it still increases the chance to be heard by enemies.

2) The game makes also the gameplay more challenging by altering the economy :

- Now, it is more complicated to get rich easily (You will have to work harder to get theses 4 praxis kits from Tars).

Here is how the was achieved :
- Common items and weapons are very cheap, while rare items and sellables items linked to the augmentations technology (like Neuropozyne, hydraulic micropump, stem processor ship, ect...) have a high price.
- The hypo-stimjectors, painkillers, biocells and beverages recover less energy and health points : So you need to consume more of them (and so, you can't sell them ;).

Now to buy the praxis kits sold by the black market merchant Tars, you need more credits. The price of the shotgun has been changed (Mod Hardcore Revival 1.012 for the game Deus Ex Mankind Divided). More machine parts are now necessary to customize the weapons (Mod Hardcore Revival 1.01 for Deus Ex Mankind Divided).

- More spare parts are needed to craft items with the assembler augmentation and to customize weapons, so during combat your arsenal will be a little bit less scarce. That coupled with changes to weapons (including non-lethal ones) increases the game's challenge.
- The dissassembler augmentation which allow to break items into spare parts now costs 7 praxis kits. Not only did this augmentation broke the game's economy, it also broke the game's pace : After every fight with enemy NPCs, you would just have to drop your weapons out of the inventory, grab the enemies' weapons, break them into machine parts, take back your weapons and when in the Prague Hub, sell the parts to the black market merchants and get a tons of credits.
This is the reason why I made this augmentation require so many praxis kits to be enabled : Because the advantage it gives to the player is way too big, plus it breaks the game's pace.

In summary, this mod makes the game harder mainly by balancing more its gameplay, by improving the IA and by pushing the player to do more choices.

Mod Hardcore Revival 1.0 (Original version of the mod)

This is a video presentation of the old version of the mod. It just changes the augmentations, limits the number of items which can be carried by the player (As contrary to the version 1.01 and 1.022 where the player can carry a lots more items), and it modifies the amounts of xp rewards the player receives when he completes missions and do various actions like knocking out npcs.

The first version of mod "Hardcore Revival" for Deus Ex Mankind Divided.

Download the MOD Hardcore Revival for Deus Ex Mankind Divided

Download the mod Hardcore Revival 1.022 on Nexus.

Download the mod Hardcore Revival 1.022 on Moddb.

NB : The installation instructions are contained in the mod's package.
The Mod Hardcore Revival for Deus Ex Mankind Divided works both with the Steam and Gog versions of the game.

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