Dragon Ball Z Budokai 2

The fighting game Dragon Ball Z Budokai 2 has initially been published under the name Dragon Ball Z 2 in Japan and the normal version of the game has a roster of 29 characters (30 if we count Nail who is an alternate outfit for Piccolo) and 35 characters if we count the fusionned characters as stand-alone characters.

Budokai 2 Roster

Contrary to Budokai 1 which contained only characters form the Freeza saga and Cell saga, Budokai 2 also contains characters from the Buu saga, including fusions characters but the game doesn't contain any movies characters.

Budokai 2 Characters list

All the characters in Dragon Ball Z Budokai 2

- Goku (Transormations : Kaioken, SSJ, SSJ2 and SSJ3)

- Teen Gohan (Transformations in SSJ and SSJ2).

- Gohan (Transformations in SSJ, SSJ2 and in Ultimate Gohan).

- Great Saiyaman..

- Videl.

- Piccolo (With the character Nail as an alternate outfit).

- Krillin.

- Yamcha.

- Tienshinhan.

- Hercule Satan.

- Kaioshin.

- Dabura.

- Majin Buu.

- Super Buu.

- Kid Buu.

- Dr Gero (Android 20).

- Perfect Cell (Transformation : Super Perfect Cell).

- Android 18.

- Android 17.

- Android 16.

- Final Form Freeza (Transformation in Mecha Freeza with the Freeza's spaceship capsule).

- Captain Ginyu.

- Recoom.

- Raditz.

- Nappa.

- Vegeta (Transformations in Super Saiyan, SSJ2 and Majin Vegeta).

- Future Trunks (Transformations in SSJ1 and SSJ2).

- Kid Trunks (Transformation in Super Saiyan).

- Songoten (Transformation in SSJ).

The non-playable characters in DBZ Budokai 2 :

Ce sont des personnages que l'on rencontre en tant qu'ennemis de base dans le mode histoire du jeu :

- Saibaimen.

- Cell Juniors.

- Majin Cell.

- Majin Freeza.

Dragon Ball Z Budokai 2 fusions and absorptions :

Budokai 2 has interesting What-if fusions and absorptions, some of them created only for the game.

The fusions availables DBZ Budokai 2 :

- Gotenks (Kid Trunks and Songoten Fusion) : Forms availables : Base form, Super Saiyans and Super Saiyan 3 as well as Fat Gotenks (Failed fusion).

- Vegeto base form and Super Vegeto (Fusion of Goku and Vegeta with the potaras).

- Kibitokai (Kaioshin and Kibito fusion with the potaras).

- Gokule (Hercule Satan and Goku fusion).

- Tiensha (Tienshinhan and Yamcha merge with the fusion dance). The failed version of this fusion also exists in the game under the form of thin Tiensha.

The absorptions availables in Dragon Ball Z Budokai 2 :

In Budokai 2, Super Buu can absorb Gotenks, Gohan, Vegeta, Cell, Freeza as well as Tienshinhan plus Yamcha.

Dragon Ball Z Budokai 2 Arenas

Budokai 2 has 9 stages, 14 if we count the alternate version of theses stages, especially because for some of them, the alternate version is very different from the regular version. So here they are :

- Islands (2 versions of this stage are availables and they are two différent islands).

- Tournament Ring.

- Muscle Tower (2 versions of this stage are availables : The first version is the place near the tower and the alternate version is in another place).

- Namek Planet (Normal version and Planet Namek in Fusion).

- Town (2 versions for this arena : A road near the Capsul Corp Building and the courtyard of Gohan's school in Satan City).

- Red Ribbon Base (Exterior of the base and inside a hangar).

- Baba's Palace.

- Spirit and Time Chamber.

- Kaioshin's World.

Additional contens found in some special versions of Budokai 2 :

Additional outfits, arenas and missions are availables in some of the game's versions :

The additional outfits from the Japanese, Gamecube and 2V versions of Budokai 2 :

- Kuritza : The character Kuritza is an additional costume for Freeza. He is available only in the japanese version and Dragon Ball Z 2V (Budokai 2 very limited edition) and has 2 forms : His base form and his final form.

- Majin Freeza : This additional outfit for Freeza which is normally only seen in the story mod is available in Dragon Ball Z 2V.

- Majin Cell : This additional outfit for Perfect Cell is available in Dragon Ball Z 2V (Normally Majin Cell is just an opponent faced by the player during the story mode).

- Cooler : This additional outfit for Freeza can transform into Metal Cooler and is available only in Dragon Ball Z 2V.

- Goku in battle damaged outfit : This additional outfit for Goku is available only in the Japanese, Gamecube and Dragon Ball Z 2V versions.

- Piccolo wearing a turban and a cape : This outfit for Piccolo is found only in the Japanese, Gamecube and Dragon Ball Z 2V versions of the game.

The additional arenas found in the Gamecube and Dragon Ball Z 2V versions of the game :

In the 2V and Gamecube versions of Budokai 2, most of the levels are available in their Evening or Night version. Here are the additional alternate versions for the stages :

- Islands (Evening).

- Tournament Ring (Evening and the logo of the V-Jump magazine is found on the ring and on the walls). The version with the logo is found only in the 2V version of the game, for the gamecube version, the ring hasn't any logo on it.

- Baba's Palace (Night Version).

- Town (Evening : The alternate version for the Town arena has been replaced by the evening version of the normal Town stage.

Others bonus found only in the special versions of Dragon Ball Z Budokai 2 :

- Additional difficulty levels : Z (For Gamecube and 2V) as well as Z1 (For Dragon Ball Z 2V only).

- The Story Mode has an additional 10th level in the japanese and 2V versions of the game.

- It's possible to choose the number of lifebars you want to give to the characters before the fight (Like in Budokai 3) in the japanese, Gamecube and 2V versions of the game.

- The japanese, gamecube and 2V versions of Budokai 2 add the mode "Cell Rules" in the Tournament Mode (The ring out is disabled if thi mode is selected)

- In the Dragon Ball Z 2V version, all the capsules, stages, characters and game modes are unlocked from the start and it is impossible to save the game.

- The gamecube, japanese and 2V versions have the japanese voices.

Tips and tricks for the game Dragon Ball Z Budokai 2 :

Cheat code to unlock all the characters, capsule and stage in Dragonball Z Budokai 2

Here is a video tutorial to use the Cheat Code which unlock everything in the game Dragon Ball Z Budokai 2 :

This Budokai 2 video tutorial shows how to unlock everything in Budokai 2 rapidely (Cheat Code).

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