Dragon ball arcade games

The Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z arcade games

The arcade fighting game Dragon Ball Zenkai Battle Royale.

Dragon Ball Z Zenkai Battle Royale

Dragon Ball Z Zenkai Battle Royale is a fighting arcade game which contains interesting characters like Goku Super Saiyan God, Bills, Broly, Bardock, the Androids,... and recently Paikuhan, Spopovitch, Mr Satan or Raditz (and they have extra outfits and can equip items like Roshi's sunglasses, halo, ...). The gameplay is also very good and focus on team battles and battle royale with several characters fighting each others at the same time. More infos about the game.

The videogame Dragon Ball Heroes.

Dragon Ball Heroes

Dragon Ball Heroes is an arcade Card game which mades his appearance in 2010 and which have been upgraded a lots since them with various fixes and additional characters, including some rara ones like Broly SSJ4, adult Gotenks, ... The game is so popular that it has been ported on the Nintendo 3DS Console. More than 5 years later, the game continues to be played and updated by the developpers.