Dragonball Xenoverse mods

There are mods for DBZ Xenoverse, especially for the PC Steam version of the game but also for some of the consoles versions.

First, most of the existing mods in DBZXV are possible thanks to the program CriPackTools to extract the files from the cpk archives and the program Repacker CPK created by the youtuber ITKinq to insert back the files in the cpk archives after they have been modded. There is also the LibXenoverse set of modding tools created by DarioSama which can also put back files into the CPK archives (and even more).

Secondly, for thoses who like mods and moddings, keep in mind that for online play, it is a must to NOT edit the stats and technics of characters to avoid creating problems to others online players (It could result into crashes) and because it could lead to cheating (Surely some peoples would give huge stats to their characters to get an advantage and it would ruin the online experience). Anyways, servers owners usually do a good job to ban players who mod the core of the games (stats, IA, ...). Now, for costume mods, normally they appear only in the player's game and the opponent only see the normal costume so maybe shouldn't be a problem. Still it's better to not trying to play online only with a 100% untouched game, mods are for thoses who want to play offline or in local multiplayers (Well that gives an additional reason to buy the game for solo players).

So what types of mods can be made for Dragon Ball Xenoverse :

1) Characters swaps Mods in DBZXV.

If you put the files corresponding to a character's costume (for example Vegeto) and put them at the place of another character's costume files (Raditz for example), Then Vegeto will use Raditz's animations and technics (but the downside is that, of course, Raditz won't be in your game anymore).
Now, this basic method can be very interesting if you install the characters costume files of Towa at the place of another character : This way you will be able to play with her model.
And if you go further and install all the files from a character like Mira (who unlike Towa as a complete animations sets) at the place of an existing character, then Mira will be fully playable with his original moves. It is also possible to replace some of your created characters by the original characters seen in the story mode (this way, you won't have to replace original characters).

2) Textures mods in Dragon Ball Xenoverse.

Well, either you use texmod to temporally load external textures over the original Dragon Ball Xenoverse's characters textures or you can use ITKinq's program to extract textures from the game's archives, edit them with an image editing program like Gimp or Photoshop and install them back into the game.

The Textures mods are very practical to create characters like Majin Vegeta, Goku False Super Saiyan, ...

3) 3D model Swaps

Again with ITKinq's program, it's possible to swap individual 3D parts to create for example Goku in Yadrat costume, Gohan in Kaioshin outfit or in Orange Star School. Since many outfits are availables in the game's character editor, the possibilities are wide.

4) 3D model editing

It is possible to edit the characters 3D meshes of the PC Steam version in 3D Studio Max (3DMax) and in Blender to create unique characters.

Here are some examples of 3D editions in Dragonball Xenoverse :

Goku's 3D model from Dragon Ball Xenoverse opened in the 3D program Blender. A Xenoverse character's 3D model opened in the 3D edition program 3D Studio Max. Goku SSJ God's 3D model replaced by a foolscape in the game Dragonball Xenoverse.

So, the first picture above shows Goku's 3D model opened in the Blender 3D edition program (This picture is from a French modder), as for the second screenshot, it shows a DBZ Xenoverse character opened in 3D Studio Max by PGV, a well known Budokai 3 modder.

As for the mods currently existing, you can find a mods list in this DBZ Xenoverse playlist.

Goku False Super Saiyan Mod in Dragon Ball Xenoverse

The false Super Saiyan Goku Mod in DBZ Xenoverse.

Majin Vegeta Mod in DBZ Xenoverse

Strangely, Majin Vegeta isn't in Dragon Ball Xenoverse so a moddeur has created this character.

Majin Vegeta Mod in Dragon Ball Xenoverse.

Baby Vegeta Oozaru can be made playable in Dragon Ball Xenoverse (via Mod)

And now with this Baby Vegeta Oozaru Mod we understand why giant characters aren't playable in Dragon Ball Xenoverse because they are really slow.

The Great Ape Baby Vegeta Mod in Dragonball Xenoverse (Baby Vegeta playable).

The Unlimited Impact Craters Mod for Dragon Ball Xenoverse

This excellent mod for DBZXV makes the craters and others impacts on the ground lasts forever : Now the impacts don't disappear anymore after 2 seconds, and at least, for thoses who play offline, there isn no drops in the framerate :

The infinite craters mod for the game Dragon Ball Xenoverse.

And this isn't all, it's also possible to play with Mira, Demigra (in both forms), the Kaioshin of the time, Imperfect Cell, the Saiyans transformed into Great Ape, ... in Dragon Ball Xenoverse.

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