Codebreaker cheat codes for the game Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 3

Cheat codes in Codebreaker format for the american version of Tenkaichi 3 on Playstation 2 (Theses cheat codes have been made or found by Skiller and they have been adapted by Lee4 and hiei-YYH) :

Master Cheat Code :

A Master Cheat code is a code which must be activated in order for the others cheat codes to function correctly.

So here is the Codebreaker Master code for the game Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 3 :

0E3C7DF2 1456E7A5

F0296038 0029603B

Cheat Codes acting on the Player 1 :

Cheat code to have infinite life points :

200FF010 8C410004
200FF014 AC410000

Code pour avoir le Ki infini :

200FF018 8C410010
200FF01C AC41000C

Cheat codes to have infinite energy :

200FF020 8C410018
200FF024 AC410014

Sparking! :

200FF028 8C410018
200FF02C AC41001C

Cheat Codes for the Player 2 :

No lifepoints :

200FF058 24010000
200FF05C AC410000

No ki :

200FF060 24010000
200FF064 AC41000C

No blast stocks :

200FF068 24010000
200FF06C AC410014

No Sparking :

200FF070 24010000
200FF074 AC41001C

Others Codebreaker Cheat codes for Tenkaichi 3 on Playstation 2 :

Max Z points :

206BC668 05F5E0FF

Cheat Code which unlocks all characters in Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 3 :

406BA250 00050001
FFFFFFFF 00000000
006BA264 000000FF

Unlock all the arenas / Stages in DBZ Tenkaichi 3 :


Unlock all the musics from the game :


Cheat code which unlocks all the potaras :

406BC508 00260001
01010101 00000000

Cheat code which gives the 7 Dragon Balls to the player :

006B9648 0000007F

Remove the 7 limit in the character's inventory :

406BAE7C 0061000E
00000023 00000000

Unlock all the Tenkaichi 3 tournaments :


Unlock all the scenario missions :

2033DE4C 24020001
20338A1C 2403FFFF

Cheat Code which unlock additional Missions 100 by activating the Disk Fusion :

D03795BC 0000025C
203795C0 00000000